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Really Don’t Care at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards

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Anonymous asked: Demi is interviewed by Ryan late one night at the office, since it's late Ryan decides to walk demi out but they get ok the elevator and ot gets stuck and demi gets scared and clings on to Ryan who protects her they are there for awhile start flirting hook up then are about to have hot elevator sex when it starts to work again so thy are all frustrated and than ask demi to come over she does they end up hooking up and falling sleep watching a movie no actual saws smut but not heavy smut



A/N. So here is it … finally. I’m sorry for the wait you guys. Let’s just pretend for the sake of this drabble that Ryan’s show is not in the morning. This is the first time I’ve written smut (I added it ‘cause I have a lot of requests for it) and the it’s longest thing I’ve ever written so I hope you like it and give me some feedback. :) I might add a part 2 if you want me to ;)

"Ok, so that’s it from me and my buddy and celebrity crush miss Demi Lovato." Ryan announced as he finished interviewing her.

"Goodnight beautiful people, I love you!" Demi giggled as she jumped off her chair and removed her headphones.

They were the only people left there because Ryan insisted he could handle an interview and going off air by himself seen as he knew how to use all ‘the buttons’ as Demi called them.

"I love doing interviews with you! I always have fun!" Demi exclaimed as they made their way to the elevator ready to leave the studio.

"Really? You don’t think I’m old and boring?" He questioned as they entered the elevator and he pressed the button for the parking lot.

"No, that’s Simon." She giggled and pressed her back against the elevator wall. Just when Ryan was about to reply the elevator stopped and Demi screamed and started panicking.

"Oh my god! We’re gonna die Ryan! Why this keeps happening to me?! It’s not fair! Oh my God, do something! Why aren’t you freaking out?! We’re stuck in a fucking elevator!" By the time she stopped rambling she was breathing heavily, her eyes were full of tears and was on the verge of having a panic attack.

"Demi calm down we’re not going to die. This actually happens often, this elevator gets stuck and then starts moving again in like twenty minutes, all we have to do is wait." He explained as he placed his hands on her arms trying to calm her down. She just nodded and wrapped her arms around his body pulling him in for a hug.

He of course returned the hug as he wrapped his arms around her small frame, kissed her hairline and rested his chin on top of her head. Her arms around him and her head on his chest brought this weird tingly feeling, all he wanted to do was protect her, make her happy. He wanted that smile that lit up the world to be on her face forever.

He also wanted to kiss her, touch her, make her his, but he knew he could never do that. She didn’t feel the same way. Of course she didn’t he was 22 years older than her, he could be her father.

Demi pulled away and rested her back against the wall again.

"You’ve been stuck in an elevator before?" Ryan asked remembering her rambling from a few minutes ago.

"Uh, yeah in a hotel a few years back. I mean of course it’s gonna happen to me seen as it’s one of my biggest fears." She said, both of them giggling at her joke.

They stood there in little bit of awkward silence that was broken by Demi after a few minutes.

"Soo … You have a crush on me?" She mocked him with smirk plastered on her face. Making the awkwardness of a few seconds ago disappear.

"Yes, I do. I mean it’s impossible not to fall in love with you. You’re funny, smart, strong, wise and stunningly beautiful." He said with confidence but secretly freaking out on the inside.

"Oh … So you’re in love with me?" She kept teasing trying to hide the blush that was making its way to her cheeks.

"Yes. I mean no. I mean you’re lovable and it’s really hard for someone not to like you." He stuttered out fast.

"Oh thank you Ryan. You’re pretty lovable too." She giggled and gave him one of her famous smiles.

"Really?" He asked smiled back.

"Yes, really." She answered getting lost in his eyes. They held their stares for a while and now she could feel his breath on her face. When did they get so close? The next thing she knew is his lips are on hers making her knees go week.

She was so shocked she couldn’t even kiss him back before he pulled away from her.

"Demi I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have done this I .." He was cut of by Demi muttering "Shut up." before placing her lips on his once again.

Of course he kissed her back tangling his hands in her hair pulling her closer to him. She traced his bottom lip with her tongue begging for entrance which he gladly gained.

He pushed her up against the wall making her immediately wrap her legs around his waist. He pulled away from her mouth just so he can place his on her neck. He heard her moan quietly as he found her sweet spot. He started biting and nibbling on it making her moan even louder, probably leaving a mark there.

Just when his hands made their way under her shirt, touching her soft skin and making it burn with desire for more the elevator started moving again making Demi groan and Ryan pull away from her neck as he let her step back on the ground.

"See that’s why I hate elevators." Demi complained as she tried to get her breathing and heart beat back to normal.

"Yeah." Ryan breathed and smiled down at her. "You .. Uhm would you like to come by to my place?" He asked. "I mean we can watch movies and have dinner not …" He trailed off nervously.

"I would love to." She said as the elevator finally reached the parking lot.

The whole car ride Demi was lost in her thoughts. She just made out with Ryan Seacrest in the elevator and now she’s going to his place. Even though he said they don’t have to have sex, she wanted to. She wanted him.

He made her feel tingly just by looking at her, when he touched her he made her skin burn and his kisses made her knees go week. She was falling for him.

She parked her car on his driveway where he was already waiting for her.

"Nice house." Demi commented as they made their way to the huge house.

"Thanks. I can give you a tour if you want." He said as he unlocked the door letting her in.

"That would be great." She said as she turned around to face him walking closer to him.

"Why don’t we start with the bedroom." She whispered in his ear kissing his earlobe, then making her way to his neck making sure to leave her mark there.

He didn’t answer her instead he picked her up making her wrap her legs around his waist, carrying her to his bed room.

Once in there he made his way to the bed laying her down gently, making his way from her mouth to her neck kissing her sweet spot again making her moan loudly.

Her hands were tugging on the hem of his shirt making it clear she wanted it gone, so he let her pull it over his head and throw it somewhere in the room, and in mere seconds doing the same to hers.

He placed his lips on hers once again their tongues battling for dominance. His hands traveling down her body making her skin burn. He broke the kiss just so he could get rid of their pants.

Now that she was only in her underwear he couldn’t help and stare to admire her beauty.

"You’re beautiful." He whispered, kissing her again.

As he broke the kiss he made his way to breasts removing her bra making them bounce free. He started kissing and nibbling on them making her moan loudly.

After giving both of her breasts the same attention he made his way down leaving open mouthed kisses on her stomach.

As he removed the last piece of clothing of her body he pulled her legs apart, kissing the inside if her thigh making her go crazy.

She tangled her hand in his hair as he placed his mouth on her bundle of nerves making her body jerk in pleasure. After a few minutes of him teasing her she pulled him to her whispering “I want you inside of me, Ryan.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, so he quickly got rid of his boxers and hovered over Demi kissing her deeply.

He felt her body tense up as he entered her so he let her adjust to him before he started moving, loud moans filling the room.

She started moving her hips against his making it clear she wanted him to move faster, and he did, making her dig her nails in his back scratching him lightly but not enough to hurt him.

He felt her walls clench around him as he moved faster making her eyes roll to the back of her head taking her over the edge and then cumming himself inside of her.

"That was …" She trailed of as he collapsed on top of her but still careful not to crush her.

"Yeah." He breathed out as he pulled himself up just enough to capture her lips with his.

"How about that movie you promised me earlier?" She giggled as she broke the kiss. He just smiled down at her and rolled off to his side to grab the remote to turn on the TV.

He laid on his back and she snuggled to him resting her head on his chest, listening to the sound of his heart beat.


Heart Attack:Something you're afraid of.
Without The Love:Someone you lost.
Two Worlds Collide:Your best friend.
I Hate You, Don't Leave Me:An insecurity.
Warrior:Something you've overcome.
La La Land:Would you ever change in order to be successful?
Get Back:Your first crush.
Don't Forget:Your first heartbreak.
Unbroken:Something you think has made you "damaged".
Behind Enemy Lines:Ever been betrayed?
Solo:Something you'd rather do by yourself.
Give Your Heart A Break:Something you're afraid of.
Catch Me:A night you never wanted to end.
Fix A Heart:Your worst injury.
Lightweight:Something that makes you emotional easily.
You're My Only Shorty:Ever been cheated on?
Here We Go Again:Name a vice.
Until You're Mine:Your greatest desire in life.
Skyscraper:The biggest challenge you've faced in your life.
In Case:Who's someone you would wait forever for?
Really Don't Care:Someone you hate.
For The Love of A Daughter:Do you have a good relationship with your dad?
Trainwreck:Are you attracted to danger?
Party:Crazy party story. Go.
Believe In Me:Name something you love about yourself.
U Got Nothing On Me:Name the biggest surprise you've gotten in your life.
Falling Over Me:Do you believe in soulmates?
Quiet:Talk about an embarrassing moment.
Stop The World:Would you ever hide a relationship?
Gift of A Friend:Would you rather have a couple of really close friends or a lot of less intimate, but still good friends?
Shut Up and Love Me:What's something that you did or happened that immediately changed your life?
This Is Me:Give a brief 'about me'.
Who's That Boy:Do you believe in love at first sight?
Together:What's something you would change about the world if you could?
Hold Up:What's the worst thing someone could do in a relationship?
In Real Life:Describe your ideal significant other.
Mistake:Would you go back and change your biggest mistake if given the chance?
Neon Lights:Talk about the best night you've ever had.
Nightingale:Has anyone close to you died?
Something That We're Not:Talk about someone you know who's too clingy.
Shouldn't Come Back:Who's someone you would be fine with never speaking to or seeing again?
Unbroken Chapter 4 →


N/A. Here’s chapter 4 :) Leave me some feedback to let me know what you think. You can also send me some requests :)

Demi’s POV.

Wilmer and I just walked into McDonald’s, after a really quiet car ride. This comfortable silence fell over us after we left the set. It scares me how comfortable…

Demi Lovato redesigned for vinyl [x]

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